College Sports

Co-Ordinator : Mrs. K. Shanmugavalli, M.Sc., M.Phil.,, - Asst. Professor Mathematics


Even in the prolonged absence of a regular, permanent Physical Director, the institution is very keen in promoting the sporting spirits of the students by allocating a department every year in rotation as in-charge of 'Sports'. It enables the students to actively participate in all possible games/sports on and off the campus. The institution has good teams in Kabbadi and Kho-Kho.] Recently, 'Martial Arts Club' has been inaugurated in the college, and the coordinator acts highly enthusiastically in training the] students in various levels of 'Karate' with the help of a coach from outside the college. ]

List of sports and games available to students: Carrom, Chess, Shotput, Javelin throw, Long jump, Hurdles, Shutte cork Tennis, Throw Ball, Volley ball, Kabaddi, Kho-kho, Ball Badminton and athletic events.

Details of Par pants of Students in Sports (Off Campus Events) 2015 - 2016

S.No Date Event Competition/ Tournament Participants Venue Place
1 20.08.15 Shuttle-cork Intercollegiate Competition 3 K.S.R (Women) Tiruchengodu Participation
2 03.09.15 Kho-Kho Intercollegiate Competition 12 SriVidhyaMandir Atrs & Science College,Uttangarai Participation
3 23.09.15 Fencing Intercollegiate Competition 2 Selvam Atrs and Science College,Namakkal S.Srimathi III B.A. Eng.
3rd Place (Silver medal)
4 06.10.15 & 07.10.15 5 Kms Walking Intercollegiate Competition 1 MGR Arts and Science College,Hosur S.Srimathi
III B.A. Eng.
3rd Place (Silver medal)
5 14.10.15 Kabaddi Intercollegiate Competition 12 Padmavani Arts and Science College,Salem Participation
6 13.09.15 Karrate All India Level Karrate Open Championship Tournament-2015 9 Gandhi Stadium,Salem I-Place G.Bhuvaneswari (B.Sc Botany) II-Place R.Deepa (II BA Tamil) III- Place G.Mariyammal (II BA Tamil)
7 24.07.15 & 26.07.15 5 kms walking State level meet 1 Kumbakonam V.Divya (III Chem) III-Place
8 07.08.15 5 kms walking State level meet 1 Coimbatore V. Divya II-Place
9 12.12.15 5 kms walking National Federation of Hydrabad 1 Hyderabad V. Divya XII-Place
10 16.01.16 5 kms walking Monthly Competitions (2015-16) 1 Gandhi Stadium,Salem V. Divya I-Place